Flectra Trademarks Policy

We have formulated the FLECTRA trademark policy with the following objectives in mind

  1. We want to encourage use of the FLECTRA logo and name by the FLECTRA community for non-commercial purposes, while regulating that use in order to refrain from confusion on the part of FLECTRA users and the general public, to maintain the value of the image and reputation of the trademarks and to avoid them from inappropriate or unauthorized use of FLECTRA name and logo.

  2. We want to make it simple and easy for everyone who uses the FLECTRA name or logo for community-oriented efforts that could result in some added exposure to FLECTRA.

  3. We like to make it clear how FLECTRA-related businesses and projects can/cannot use the FLECTRA name and logo.

  4. We want to restrict anyone who uses the FLECTRA name and logo to unfairly profit from, trick or confuse people who are looking for official FLECTRA resources.

Proper permission is required from FLECTRA to use the FLECTRA name and/or logo as part of any company name, domain, product, project or service.

Permission shall be granted to those users who use the FLECTRA name and/or logo for the projects with the following conditions:

  1. One of the primary purposes of your project is discussion, development, advocacy and add further exposure for FLECTRA.

  2. There is no commercial intent behind, or benefit from the use of FLECTRA name and/or logo.

  3. The use of the FLECTRA name and/or logo does not lend itself to causing confusion for users or the public.

  4. Neither we suggest nor we recommend that the approval, sponsorship or affiliation is given by FLECTRA for your project, unless it is formally approved by FLECTRA.

  5. You make sure that you are using the FLECTRA logo on the official site that has been approved by FLECTRA management.

  6. You ensure that you are using a graphic provided by FLECTRA to promote the event or the fact that you are attending, speaking, volunteering, or sponsoring the event. The event can be seminar, workshop, conference, training etc.

If you agree with the aforementioned conditions, you will be granted with permission to use the FLECTRA name and/or logo to promote your project/product/service in any manner you deem appropriate but subject to not use FLECTRA as part of a domain name.

All other services or businesses, similar to what FLECTRA is rendering to its users/clients, can use the FLECTRA name and logo to refer to and explain their services.

Likewise, we allow you to use the FLECTRA logo as part of a page that shows your products or services.

Restricted Usage Policy

  • You cannot use the FLECTRA name and/or logo as part of a product, project, service, domain name, or company name and cannot use them in any way that suggests an affiliation with or endorsement by the FLECTRA management.
  • We don’t allow to use FLECTRA name and/or logo as part of your company or product logo or branding itself.
  • We expressly do not allow to use FLECTRA as part of a domain name or top-level domain name.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.