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Frequently Asked Questions

Flectra Professional Edition = Flectra Community Edition + Flectra Professional Addons + Flectra Professional Edition Support Contract

You can deploy Flectra on your own server or on your own cloud infrastructure or even to your local computer.

A User could be an employee or a manager or a supplier (who has access to Flectra). Such as clients/customers (portal users) or visitors of Flectra website will not be counted as a user.

One Flectra On Premise License is valid for 1 production database / instance.

Some apps require their parent app to operate. E-commerce is dependent on the website app. In order to activate eCommerce, you need to install a Website to inherit its parent functionalities.

Yes, Our experts will support you to set up your domain using Flectra to run your emails using the same domain name.

You’ll get regular updates regarding bug fixes and security updates.

Yes, You can switch from cloud hosting to on premise.

We provide functional support and bug fixing services from Monday to Friday during standard business hours.

You can talk to our experts you can fill the form. We do have types of on boarding hours. According to our experience we recommend the best suitable business pack for our customers so that customers can deploy Flectra successfully.

It is possible to obtain the customized source code for your company, though additional fees may apply. The cost can vary, typically ranging from 30% to 50% of the implementation cost or ongoing maintenance and support, depending on the extent of the source code required. This includes options such as obtaining all source code (including the core platform) or just the customized components. Since this arrangement is tailored on a case-by-case basis, we encourage you to contact our experts for more detailed information.

You can connect with us through live chat or by writing to us