Utilize Open Source Sales Management for Efficiency, Productivity, and Revenue Growth!

Flectra Sales CRM equips you with just the right set of tools to convert maximum customers, upsell, and manage post-sale relationships with ease.

Sales Opportunities

A lightning Fast Sales Software to Generate Leads, Build Relationships,
and Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction

A cloud-based sales solution that streamlines lead generation, reduces data entry, automates routine tasks, and augments your topline.

Less Managing and More Doing

Do away with non-productive tasks by automating them, and focus your efforts on mission-critical tasks that contribute to sales.

Easy to Use and Customize

An intuitive interface that is designed to be fluid smooth and simple to use for everyone, and lends itself to be personalized as per user’s preferences.

Everything That A Mobile Sales Team Needs

All the information that your sales team needs, whenever they need it, and wherever they need it. Experience Sales 2.0.

Sales Performance

Witness Your Sales Force’s Amplified Performance

An accelerated approach to CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) that results in maximum conversion of leads into customers.

Quick Proposals, Contracts, and Quotes Generation

Create professional quotes and custom proposals in a matter of seconds with preexisting templates. Propose personalized, value added solutions and upsell.

Integrated Invoicing, Taxes, Collecting, and Reporting

Automate invoicing and subscription renewals. Collect and manage payments, apply relevant taxes, and generate sales reports.

Any Device Access

Sales on-the-go. The cloud-based Flectra Sales Software allows sales staff to access relevant customer data from anywhere, on any device of their choice.

Prioritization of Leads, Customers, and Tasks

Never miss your next big client. Prioritize your leads as per their revenue potential, sort your tasks as per their importance or deadlines, and focus on activities that maximize your revenues

A Faster, Smarter, and an Empowered Sales Team

Make smart, data-driven sales decisions that benefit your business and offer a personalized and enhanced sales experience to your customers.

Faster and More Responsive Communication

Email system reorganized. All email conversations are automatically attached to relevant orders, so that your sales team can easily reference discussions and take timely action.

One Place to Manage All Orders and Clients

A highly organized system for managing all leads, clients, and orders. Provide customers access to online portal for viewing customer-specific information like contracts, proposals, order deliveries, and more.

An Integrated System with CRM, Accounting, & Other Tools

Designed from the ground up as a comprehensive software that is well-integrated with a variety of business management tools for expanded functionality and easy sharing of data

Manage Products, Variants, and Prices

Create and manage a variety of products, their variants and prices. Offer custom product offerings for high value clients after applying suitable discounts or add-on services.

Empowered Sales Team
Revenue Generation

Track Everything and Improve Factors that Contribute to Revenue Generation

Manage all sales related information in one place. Identify success factors. Incorporate them in organization-wide sales strategy. Maximize revenues.

Comments Tracking to Manage Proposal History

Quick access to the entire comments history and email exchanges corresponding to a client, or an order, so that you never miss the smallest detail.

Sales Intelligence

Extensive sales analytics and reporting. Track and monitor your sales force’s performance. Identify bottlenecks, areas of improvement, and inefficiencies to take the necessary steps to improve your sales.

Customer Analytics and Reporting

Monitor and analyze your customers, their purchases, and their interests to identify patterns. Use them to upsell, nudge them with the right offerings, and discounts.

Revenue Recognition and Targeting

Generate custom reports to identify the customers that are most profitable, are generating highest revenues, have the highest revenue potential, and so on, and classify them into different categories. Develop category-wise success strategies and pricing models.

...Including Incredible Features

  • Sales Channel Management
  • Commission Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contract Management
  • Customer Database
  • Perfomance Metrics
  • Proposal Generation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Referral Tracking
  • Field Based Security
  • Record Level Access