Align Strategically with Open Source OKR Software: Set Goals, Track Results, Achieve Objectives!

Effective way to set, track, and achieve your goals. Whether you're an individual, team, or entire organization, OKRs can help you focus your efforts and make progress towards your desired outcomes.


The Easiest Way To Implement OKRs,
And The Fastest Way To Get Your Team On Board

Flectra ERP with next-gen OKR software and helps you achieve your company's vision - with everyone on board.

OKR Dashboard

My Goal

The goal will be based on the day to day work of each individual staff. One administrative person who is responsible for monitoring 100% completion rate of all the tasks and checking them individually. Each staff can check in and check out easily once the day‘s target has been accomplished.

Get a Customizable Dashboard

Dashboards are easy to set up, and allow a company to track progress on specific projects. Employees can add tasks and deadlines, set their own goals and get rewards for meeting them.

Align with Strategic Priorities

The high level goal, vision and objectives of the project can be set ahead of time. Through this, it will help in creating clarity and alignment within the team.

Track and Review Progress on Goals & Key Initiatives

The goal tracking feature will help employees to enter a goal, describe it in detail and give as much information about how this goal can be achieved. Flectra is a useful tool that allows users to create their own timelines so they can connect their daily work. Each employee can update the progress of the goals and check in and out either monthly or weekly.

OKR Key Result
OKE Data Analytics

On-Demand Data Analytics

It will be helpful for managers for managing and tracking individual analysis. Managers need to have information about their employees and their performance as well as how they contribute to the team as a whole. Utilizing this data can help managers identify problems, prioritize issues and make better decisions based on their knowledge of their overall unit.

1 on 1 Prime Features

Help the organization to set up the meeting with internal employees of the organization, which does not require any physical presence. This can be done online in a secure environment through emails or via notifications.