Effortless Signing with Open Source DocuSign: Simplify Contracts, Enhance Security, Accelerate Transactions!

Facilitate secure access, signing, and sending of crucial documents electronically for individuals both within and beyond your organization, from any location, on any device.


Optimize Your Digital Transactions Through e-signature
Management for Enhanced Efficiency.

Cloud Deployment

Mobile Digital Signature and
Approval Processes

Visibility Into Document and
Signature Status

Faster Product Development

Docusign Assess Document

Effectively Handle and Assess Documents With Ease

With the DocuSign integrated into Flectra, you can conveniently dispatch and monitor documents directly from its module. This feature is customizable for all modules comprising Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Quotes.

Effortlessly Send, Monitor, and Access Documents

With the Flectra Connector to DocuSign, you can stay up-to-date regarding the status of your important documents. Effortlessly send electronic signature requests to your contacts without having to switch between browser windows. Keep track of your documents' progress, receive timely alerts regarding status updates and access them with ease from within Flectra's interface.

Flectra DocuSIgn Vendor Portal

Ensuring Data Security in Cloud-based Environments

Both the Sales and Support teams can be confident that their documents are safeguarded in the cloud, while customers can access them seamlessly using any device or browser.

Streamline Your Operations, Enhance Your Efficiency

Enhance your efficiency by streamlining your operations with Flectra Sign. This user- friendly tool simplifies the process of submitting, signing, and approving documents. The platform allows you to create contracts with ease through a simple drag and drop feature, enabling all parties to complete the document efficiently. Additionally, send signature requests in seconds, and track document status promptly to optimize your workflow.