Discover the Power of Open Source CRM Solutions for Streamlined Customer Relationship Management!

Get a 360-degree overview of your customers. Know their contacts, their history, and their behavior to anticipate their needs and offer solutions that fulfil them.

CRM Solutions for Business

Build Stronger Relationships and Win More Business
with Advanced Analytics

Flectra gives you actionable insights, and powerful reports that enable you to transform most business relationships into real revenues. Its intuitive sales pipeline visibility equips the sales team with the right information at the right time to improve their win rates.

Comprehensive Customer Data

Access entire customer lifecycle data on intuitive dashboards for contextual insights that can be leveraged to build stronger and rewarding customer relationships.

Prioritize Opportunities

Boost your sales by prioritizing high value business opportunities. Promote best practices to convert opportunities into wins.

Automate Decisions and Processes

Enhance productivity by automating business rules and decisions. Eliminate inefficiencies arising out of approval delays, and case-by-case decision-making.

Sales Performance

Upgrade Your Sales Performance

Flectra is the most advanced sales improvement tool.

360° View of Your Customers

Capture every piece of information about your customers – appointments, emails, sales, upcoming events, important dates, and more – to create an effective customer management strategy.


Give your sales team the power of CRM, wherever they go, whenever they need it. Timely access of critical customer data can mean the difference between sales and loss.

Simplify Business Processes

Liberate your sales team from the shackles of administrative burdens by automating the various business processes, and witness their productivity soar like never before.

Never Lose an Opportunity

Enable different individuals to classify and organize information in a way that makes sense to them, so that they never lose track of a single opportunity from high value clients.

Next-Generation Customer Management

Reach out to your customers in a truly personalized way.

Personalized Calls and Emails

One-click call to customers while simultaneously accessing all relevant customer info. Shoot personalized emails to them using in-built templates or custom-made emails.

Communication History

Access each contact’s entire communication history and the takeaways from those interactions to offer customized solutions, or to upsell. Never miss anything important that was ever discussed.

Lead Management

Capture and nurture the leads generated from the various sources while prioritizing them as per their potential value so that the sales representatives can allocate their precious time accordingly.

Customers to Brand Ambassadors

Keep a tab on customer satisfaction and happiness levels by regular prompts and surveys, and address any concerns. A happy customer is a vocal brand ambassador and an opinion leader.

Customer Management

Exercise Unprecedented Control of Your Sales Efforts

A one-stop-solution to manage all your sales activities

Built Just For You

Flectra enables you to customize your sales pipeline as per your organization’s sales lifecycle processes. Your sales reps get comprehensive status reports of all sales exercises, which enables them to take timely action and close the deals.

Intelligent Lead Generation and Management

Auto-detect the location of new contacts from their IP address. Import leads from all the sources. Create a comprehensive lead management strategy and activity workflow to upsell or convert high value leads into customers.

Leverage Modern Tools

Employ modern tools like online chat, landing pages, SEO tools, and more to generate extensive data on leads. Calculate the potential customer value using this data. Prioritize the leads, assign sales reps to them, set definite sales goals, and monitor sales performance.

Act, Analyze, and Improve

Intuitive and highly insightful reports in easily understandable form for swift action.

Customizable Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to access an extensive amount of critical information in a timely manner. Gain a complete perspective of the organization level sales performance and make necessary decisions to improve it. Drive sales with data-driven decisions.

Monitor Performance

Access real-time and historical performance of your sales team – who is achieving the sales targets and who is lagging behind. Extend the necessary assistance to lagging sales reps to improve their performance and increase revenues.

Macro-level Strategies

Make strategic and operational decisions based on vast amounts of reports and forecasts generated by Flectra. Discover trends hidden in the data and utilize them to recognize and pursue new business opportunities.

Stay One Step Ahead

Recognize trends, predict future business environment, and anticipate revenues. Take data- driven strategic decisions, including setting sales targets, resource allocation, managing budgets, and so on.


...Including Incredible Features

  • Call Logging
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Tasks, Notes & Attachments
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Support
  • Product Catalog
  • Quotes / Proposals
  • Referral Tracking
  • Client Portal
  • Real-time, searchable Activity Stream
  • Interactive sales & pipeline dashboard
  • Automatic email attachment storage
  • Custom fields, lists & categories
  • Powerful search, filtering & reporting
  • Email Automation