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New features in Flectra 3.0

  • New UI Design

    The redesign brings substantial enhancements in usability and aesthetics. Its main objective was to elevate the overall user experience by presenting a visually captivating interface that fosters intuitive interactions.

  • Advanced search

    Easily modify existing searches and craft custom filters effortlessly with the new advanced search feature. User-created filters are inherently more efficient, directly searching on records rather than just text.

  • Confirm and cancel shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts for confirming (ALT/CMD+Q) or canceling (ALT/CMD+X) actions have been standardized across all applications for improved consistency.

  • Dialog validation shortcut

    Confirm dialog boxes throughout Flectra now feature the convenient CTRL+Enter keyboard shortcut for streamlined interaction.

  • Disable spell checks

    Text inputs now bypass browser spell checks when the text field isn't actively selected, enhancing user experience by reducing distractions.

  • Domain selector

    The domain selector field has been enhanced with a clearer user interface, facilitating faster data entry and improving overall usability.

  • Editor: integrate ChatGPT in powerbox

    provide the text you'd like me to work on, along with any specific instructions or prompts, and I'll assist you in generating or refining it!

  • Email bounce feedback

    Request feedback regarding the reason for the email bounce.

  • Freeze headers

    Column titles in both Kanban and List views now stay visible constantly while scrolling, ensuring easy reference and improved navigation.

  • Group by properties

    Group your records with the values of property fields.

  • Kanban: quick record creation

    In Kanban views grouped by a many-to-many relation, users can now swiftly create records directly within the respective column for enhanced efficiency.

  • Mixed stacked bar / line chart

    Enhance trend analysis on stacked bar charts by introducing a line graph that illustrates group totals, making it easier to discern patterns and trends.

  • Moveable dialog windows

    Dialog windows in Flectra now offer the flexibility to be moved around, enabling users to access and view data that might otherwise remain hidden.

  • Flectra PWA

    Transform Flectra into a Progressive Web App (PWA) for seamless installation on any device, granting users access to all the functionalities of the traditional Flectra mobile app without requiring downloads from app stores.

  • Properties support in domain selector

    Property fields are now fully searchable within the advanced search functionality, ensuring users can effectively locate and retrieve relevant information with ease.

  • Property fields in list views

    Enable the display of property fields in list view by incorporating optional columns, granting users the flexibility to customize their view according to their specific preferences.

  • Range selection shortcut

    Efficiently select or unselect ranges within list view by utilizing the Shift key in combination with mouse clicks or by employing the Up and Down Arrow keys for enhanced navigation and management of data.

  • Search property fields

    Easily search for records utilizing the property fields you've established.

  • SMS status

    Receive updates on the status of your SMS text messages to stay informed about their delivery progress.

  • Text editor: font size input

    Input any value to adjust the font size of text as per your preference.

  • Unselect all records

    Deselect all records in the list view directly from the control panel with ease.

  • "Search more" becomes "View all"

    Users now have the convenience of clicking 'View all' in dropdown menus, triggering a dialog that presents a list, thereby aiding in distinguishing between potentially identical records.

  • Avatar card preview

    Access information about a user or employee swiftly by clicking on their avatar. HR and contact details will be conveniently displayed in a card format for easy reference and accessibility.

  • Chatter: message and note translations

    Enable translations for messages and notes within the chatter, allowing for seamless communication across language barriers.

  • Date formatting on import

    Utilize custom date and datetime formats during the import process, enabling flexibility and compatibility with diverse data sources.

  • Disable opening of form view modal

    Clicking on a read-only embedded list item will no longer trigger the opening of a dialog with a form view for that item, streamlining the user experience and reducing unnecessary interactions.

  • Domain editor folding

    The domain editor now occupies less space by default and can be expanded to reveal its contents, conserving valuable screen real estate for a more streamlined userexperience.

  • Duration tracking / stage

    The form view's status pipeline now indicates the duration a task, ticket, or lead has remained in each stage, offering valuable insights into its progression.

  • Email aliases feedback

    Receive updates on the status of email aliases to stay informed about their current configuration and functionality.

  • Email template management

    Empower users to create and manage their own email templates, providing greater autonomy and customization options for their communication needs.

  • Gamification: track karma

    Track the origins of karma points in a dedicated menu, offering transparency and insight into how points are earned or allocated.

  • Human-readable numeric fields

    Developers now have the option to utilize abbreviations for numeric fields (e.g., 500k instead of 500,000).

  • List view: mass-duplicate records

    Duplicate multiple records effortlessly directly from any list view.

  • Multi-domain aliases

    Employ multiple mail domains within a single database.

  • Property fields

    Additional models now include property fields for enhanced functionality.

  • Quick user assign

    Efficiently assign or unassign users from records in kanban views with a simple click on the avatar.

  • Ratings on email templates

    Engage customers and gather feedback by incorporating ratings into your email templates.

  • Responsible fields

    Instantly assign yourself to records: your user is automatically suggested first when using "responsible" fields.

  • Separator field type

    Organize property fields into categories by implementing collapsible separator fields.

  • Stacked bar charts

    Stacked bar charts now feature a line graph showcasing group totals, facilitating simplified trend analysis.

  • Unfollow from inbox

    Unfollow threads directly from their messages in your email or Flectra inbox.

Reporting bugs

Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve the quality of future releases. Please report bugs by creating an issue at : https://gitlab.com/flectra-hq/flectra/issues

Participate in Flectra

If you would like to help shape Flectra, take a look at the list of ways you can participate at :
Community Forum: https://discuss.flectrahq.com
Live Discussion Lobby: https://gitter.im/flectrahq-erp/Lobby