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Is your business equipped to handle your growth?

With Flectra, you are always ready to handle any challenge. Flectra’s ERP development capabilities are uniquely geared to develop custom add-ons and module integrations, and offer customizations to help fast growing organizations effectively manage their operations with the most advanced ERP solutions.

Our skilled developers and sophisticated development methodologies will deliver you customized ERP development services that empower your organization to get more done using less resources and add to the bottom line.

Flectra’s highly skilled and experienced ERP Development services lend you the edge over your competitors.


Why Take Our Services


Magnify Your Productivity & Efficiency

Do not get stuck with a one-size-fits-all ERP solution. Our ERP developers will fit you with a custom-designed ERP platform that is designed from the ground up to eliminate inefficiencies in your organization and unleash your full potential.


Light & Superfast

Experience the power of high performance with an ERP solution that does not come with any unnecessary modules, integrations, features, and other options that your organization does not need. Just what’s best for you.


Cost-Effective and Time Sensitive

Get the best of offshore and onshore outsourcing. Flectra’s ERP development services are delightfully cost-effective and affordable for businesses, with the commitment of shortest delivery timelines.


Continuous Optimization

Why wait months, if not years, to get updates and new ERP features? Our developers will equip you with new features, optimizations, bug fixes, and customizations by constantly monitoring your usage, by taking inputs from your organizational users, and after rigorous brainstorming sessions.


Clean and Future-Ready

Our development approach combines two philosophies – clean coding for easy maintenance of the software, and building on the latest technologies to ensure that the ERP is ready for easy integrations of new modules and add-ons in the future.


High ROI

The efficiencies and productivity boost that your organization will experience within a few weeks of development and deployment of our ERP solutions will easily outmatch all the costs involved. From there, all those efficiencies you realize are just profit multipliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flectra is super flexible in terms of customization and extension, you can achieve your business goals better when you customize it as per your requirements.

We do develop reports, forms, workflows, themes, payment gateways, connectors and many more. We also do custom development as per your requirement.

1.Requirements Analysis
2.Design and Development
3. Testing
4. Demo & Feedback
5. Deployment

Your organization will get an organized business process and ROI. The ROI is what most of the organizations look for, and we also take it as a serious proposition in our work.