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Join the Flectra ERP Partner Program, Today

Be a part of the growth story

Empower your business through offering solutions that offers unprecedented growth to customers and their businesses without hassle.


How to Become a Partner of the Flectra ERP Ecosystem?

Flectra ERP solutions offer cutting-edge ERP modules and features for businesses to unleash their growth potential. In addition to offering CRM suites,
Accounting Suites, HR Suites, and other ERP modules, Flectra presents world-class support services through its partners. Flectra Partner Program
equips our partners with all the resources and knowledge they need to provide end-to-end support services to our users, starting from implementation
to integration to on-demand support services.

Why Partner With Flectra

When you partner with Flectra, you become part of an ecosystem that is driving digital transformation across a vast number of industries and helping countless businesses,
government organizations, and enterprises take the leap into the digital world. Become a trusted ERP advisor, enabler, and ERP innovator
for the entire ecosystem and build a powerful brand for yourself in the industry.

Official Flectra Partner Label

The official Flectra Partner Label is granted to businesses that deliver high quality services to users, and maintain high customer satisfaction rates. The label firmly establishes your brand as a leading enabler of digital transformation for businesses.

Become An Innovation Partner

Get access to the source code of the Flectra ERP Suite, updates, bug fixes, and more. Develop new features, improve existing ones, create optimizations, and deliver unparalleled ERP solutions to your users.

Priority Training

Get access to training sessions and guides that are updated regularly. Experience the support, collaboration, and encouragement of the Flectra community.

Joint Marketing

Be a part of the co-branding efforts, feature on the Flectra marketing materials, participate in webinars and community events, and find new business opportunities through our platform.

Recognition and Promotion

Consistent delivery of quality services to users will be recognized and rewarded by Flectra. Your brand will be promoted across the ecosystem to improve your revenues and fuel your growth.

Partner Program Overview

Choose a relationship that meets your goals


Start Up Partner


Affiliate Partner


Signature Partner


Premier Partner


Partner Levels/Membership Plans

Start Up Affiliate Signature Premier
Pricing $399 $1,499 $2,499 $3,499
Annual New Flectra Professional Users Sold 0 10 75 200
Number of Certified Employees on at least one of the 3 last Flectra versions 0 1 2 3
Minimum Retention Rate 70% 80%
Visibility on Start Up Partner Affiliate Partner Signature Partner Premium Partner
Right to use “Flectra” trademark and Partner Logo
Training benefits
Sales Coaching & Webinars
Access to Flectra Knowledge Base
Software benefits
Access to Flectra Professional source code and Github repository
Flectra Professional trial extension code
Sales benefits
Commission on Flectra Professional 10% 10% 15% 20%
Dedicated Account Manager & Partner Dashboard
Marketing benefits
Access to marketing material
PARTNER Event - FLECTRA support & Promotion

Partnership Benefits

Flectra’s partners offer their unique capabilities and competencies to improve, expand, and enhance the Flectra ERP ecosystem, and the platform rewards them with tangible monetary benefits in return.


Sales Revenue

Flectra sales partners sell the Flectra ERP Suite and its modules to businesses and drive the revenues of the platform, while earning a share of the revenues themselves. Acquiring new customers and upselling to present customers are the primary focus of the Flectra sales partners. For every sale they name, Flectra Partners get a share of the revenue.


Training Fee

Training partners offer on-demand training services to businesses and enterprises to equip their organizational users with the ability to fully utilize the various features and tools of the Flectra ERP. Such training opportunities offer Flectra partners additional sources of pre-determined income.


Implementation Services

Implementation partners implement Flectra ERP suites and modules for the users and generate revenues from those services.


Technical Support

Support partners offer technical support, on-demand bug fixes, and other support services to Flectra ERP users. The support partners attract significant revenues on the support services they extend to customers, based on the number of hours of services they offer.


Sector Experts

Sector experts offer specialized services to Flectra ERP users. They are highly experienced with a particular set of industries, a particular segment of businesses, or a key target market. Their specialized services offer them significant revenue potential and income opportunities.

Join one of the fastest growing ERP platforms in the world and starting growing your business, today!